Choose the Right Bottle Labeling Machine For Your Labeling Needs

When it comes to choosing the right bottle labeling machine for your business, there are certain important factors that you need to consider. For example, do you have the space to accommodate the machine? Are you able to use the manual or automatic tags? Do you want full control of the process or do you want more convenience?

If you are not sure about these questions, you should consider the following: What is the point of using label printers and how much do they cost? Can you afford the extra expense? Can you handle the extra work involved in making labels? How much time do you have available to devote to the label producing process? To discover more about the bottle labeling machine, please check out CTM Labeling Systems.

The question “What kind of bottle labeling machine do I need?” is much easier to answer if you understand how different labels work. The most popular machines are the vertical wrap and the horizontal wrap. While vertical wrap has a wider range of uses because it can produce thermal labels, like those used in food service, it is less flexible.

With the horizontal wrap, on the other hand, the product is placed on a hinged labeler that rolls up to the top of the bottle. The label is then rolled down onto the sticky strip below the label and the two are stuck together. This method produces good quality thermal labels. However, if you need to produce gloss, shiny, or reflective labels, you will find that this style of bottle labeling machine is not very flexible.

Another option is to choose a machine type that does not wrap at all. In this case, the paper is fed through a paper feed that pushes the paper through the rollers that pull the labels out of the roll. There are some limitations with this style of machine, since the paper can become smeared or uneven if the rollers are not evenly spaced. You might also find that this type of machine is difficult to manually operate, and you would likely need some sort of machine oil or grease to keep it running smoothly. To find out more on labeling solutions, make sure you see more here.

Another machine type is designed to apply thermal labels directly to the bottle. When the rollers touch the label, heat melts the adhesive below the label, adhering to the bottle. The finished product will be slightly thicker than the traditional adhesive labels. You will also notice a slight change in the thermal resistance of the bottle as the rollers cool and pull the labels off. This machine is most useful for thermal labels that have a wide range of adhesive and heat-sensitive components, like the labels found on CD’s.To get more enlightened on the topic, check out this related post:

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